Deal Me In 2016: Sign-up Post

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As I re-start the heart of my ailing little blog, the first post I wanted to go live for 2016 is my sign-up post for the coming year’s version of one of the most rewarding challenges I’ve participated in in the past:  The Deal Me In Short Story Reading Challenge, hosted as always by Jay at Bibliophilopolis.  I discovered so many wonderful new-to-me authors through this challenge in previous years, and the story-loving bloggers who participate are simply great folks.  So I’m ready to jump in from the top this year!

I’m going to go for a full deck of 52 stories, although I may not discuss them on a regular schedule.  If I don’t get a post up each week, I’ll bundle them every other week or so.

This year, I will be reading Korean short stories in English translation, selections from the gargantuan (as in “put on a weight belt to lift safely”) collection of weird fiction titled, appropriately, The Weird, and a bunch of contemporary authors I’ve been wanting to read something by but have simply never gotten around to doing so.

Here’s my roster, which I will be be tracking on its own page at the top of the blog:

SPADES – stories from The Weird, edited by Jeff VanderMeer and Ann VanderMeer, part 1:
A. Casting the Runes – M. R. James (1911)
2. The Hell Screen – Ryunosuke Akutagawa (1918)
3. White Rabbits – Leonora Carrington (1941)
4. The Crowd – Ray Bradbury (1943)
5. The Summer People – Shirley Jackson (1950)
6. Axolotl – Julio Cortázar (1956)
7. My Mother – Jamaica Kincaid (1978)
8. The New Rays – M. John Harrison (1982)
9. Bloodchild – Octavia E. Butler (1984)
10. The Boy in the Tree – Elizabeth Hand (1989)
J. Family – Joyce Carol Oates (1989)
Q. The End of the Garden – Michael Ajvaz (1991)
K. The Dark – Karen Joy Fowler (1991)

HEARTS – more stories from The Weird, part 2:
A. The Ice Man – Haruki Murakami (1991)
2. The Snow Pavilion – Angela Carter (1995)
3. Details – China Miéville (2001)
4. The Genius of Assassins – Michael Cisco (2002)
5. Feeders and Eaters – Neal Gaiman (2002)
6. The Cage – Jeff VanderMeer (2002)
7. The Beautiful Gelreesh – Jeffrey Ford
8. The Town Manager -Thomas Ligotti (2001)
9. Flat Diane – Daniel Abraham (2004)
10. Singing My Sister Down – Margo Lanagan (2005)
J. The Forrest – Laird Barron (2007)
Q. Dust Enforcer – Reza Negarestani (2008)
K. Saving the Gleeful Horse – K. J. Bishop (2010)

CLUBSstories from Korean Literature in Translation’s “All Modern Korean Literature in Translation Online” Project:
A. Cho Se-hui – Knifeblade
2. Cho Se-hui – City of Machines
3. Ch’oe Yun – The Flower with Thirteen Fragrances
4. Kim Young-ha – The Man Who Sold His Shadow
5. Kim Young-ha – The Suit
6. Lee Mun-yol – The Old Hatter
7. Lee Mun-yol – Winter That Year
8. Oh Jung-hee – Evening Game
9. Oh Jung-hee – Garden of My Childhood
10. Park Wan-so – Butterfly Illusion
J. Park Wan-so – Dried Flowers
Q. Shin Kyung-sook – The Vacant House on the Plain
K. Yi Sang – Phantom Illusion

DIAMONDS – stories highlighted in the online archives of Electric Literature’s Recommended Reading by authors I’ve heard of and/or shelved but have never read anything by:
A. Mack! – Colin Winnette
2. The Swan as Metaphor for Love – Amelia Gray
3. Secret Stream – Héctor Tobar
4. The Sacred Family – Rachel Kushner
5. The Bodyguard – Tom Cho
6. Athena Magazine – César Aira
7. Of the Fountain – Kathleen Winter
8. Where We Must Be – Laura Van den Berg
9. The Unbitten Elbow – Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky
10. Girl and Giraffe – Lydia Millet
J. The Doctor and the Rabbi – Aimee Bender
Q. Bettering Myself – Ottessa Moshfegh
K. Recovery – Helen DeWitt