2016 Reading Resolutions

It’s the time for self-examination, in reading as in everything else.  Here are my (loose) reading resolutions for the coming year:

1.  Read heavily from my own shelves. – I’m aiming for around 75% of my reading to be drawn from books I already own, with library books to fill in the gaps and provide my occasional new release fix. I will continue my practice of the past few years of not buying new books, although a few used books and library sale finds are still ok.

2.  Donate books I am no longer interested in to make room on my shelves. – I have a couple of boxes ready to go already.

3.  Try to read at least 1 book per week, on average. – I usually set a loose goal of 52 books, with longer titles taking up the space afforded by shorter books.

4.  Get involved in a local face-to-face book club. – There are a couple I’m interested in locally.

5.  Post semi-regularly to my blog and try not to let it become a source of stress and guilt. – I’m never going to be a super-blogger, but I’d like to post a review or other post (in addition to challenge sign-ups and the like) once per week, on average.

6.  Speaking of stress and guilt: give myself permission to not finish books I’m not enjoying.  – I really got hung up on a few in 2015, to the extent that one modest 300-page book I’d started out really excited for dragged on for 5 weeks, and I was so disheartened after finally finishing it that I fell headlong into a big, multi-week reading slump.  I want to enjoy reading, so if I’m not enjoying what I’m reading, or it’s not the right time for me to engage with a particular book, it’s out.

7.  Keep reading diversely. – Read a good mix of books from different perspectives, by authors of different genders, races, nationalities, creeds, sexualities, time periods, etc. Read more translations.  Branch out even more when I can.

8.  Keep reading broadly. – Read a good mix of genres and styles, from classics to science fiction to memoir to nonfiction to humor to YA.  Branch out even more when I can.

9.  Jump back into The Classics Club. –  I’ve reworked and resubmitted my list, and I’m considering myself starting from scratch, with an updated “finish by” date.  I really got off track, and I need a fresh slate.

10.  Get back on the read-a-thon bus.  – I miss Dewey’s 24-hour RaT and Bout of Books and want to jump back in to the fun!  The next BoB starts tomorrow, January 4th, and I’ll be reading bright and early!


4 thoughts on “2016 Reading Resolutions

  1. I’ll be posting my resolutions tomorrow Candiss, but my list is very similar to yours. I really want to lose the guilt when I fall behind on reading or posting. I need to remind myself that this is a hobby and supposed to be fun! Good luck for the year.

    • Julianne: I’ve been thinking about reading along with #24in48, as it is the two days immediately preceding the week-long #WintersRespite. I’ve yet to decide if I have the time and oomph to commit to #24in48, but I’m definitely considering it.


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