Thoughts on 2014 and Looking Forward to 2015

The year is winding down, so like so many of us I am taking stock.  I have been a very sporadic poster on this blog, and despite my best intentions, things in my life just keep getting less conducive to consistent posting.  I have to choose between posting and actually reading, and I feel that reading is most important for me.  So the occasional nature of my posts will most likely continue.

I didn’t get through as many of the books I assigned myself for challenges as I would have liked to, but I did get through a bunch of wonderful ones, so I am happy for that.  Despite doing pretty well with the Deal Me In short story challenge for quite a few months, I never managed to get into a regular posting rhythm and fell off a lot in the 4th quarter, although I did actually keep up with reading my story each week.

Here are my thoughts on 2015:  I am not signing up for any book-based year-long challenges for the coming year, despite how incredibly tempting they are to me.  Less constraint on what I can read will be a relief, and it will keep my reading from feeling like a chore or an assignment.  I need to free my reading from reader’s/blogger’s guilt. I need to learn that it’s ok to opt out and/or not opt in.   I always over-commit, so I am going to try keeping my plate clearer in 2015.

I am going to sign on with the Deal Me In challenge again, though, as a. It’s only one little story weekly, and b. Perhaps without other bookish restraints I will actually keep consistent with posting about the stories each week.  (Additionally, with less constraint, if I find my schedule allows, I can get involved with short-term week- or month-long themes without it being a stress-inducer.)

I will continue with my involvement in long-term projects such as the Classics Club, but unless I’m in a really relaxed time with an open schedule, I don’t think I’ll play along in the Classics Spins in 2015.  Again, this is in keeping with my “less constraint and over-commitment” resolution.

I will also still play along in read-a-thons if they fall at a good time for me, as I really love them, and they seem to be the one thing that actually gets me posting on the blog.

So… In the last couple of weeks of 2014, this is what I am hoping to get done blog-wise:

1.  I am working on a wrap-up post for Deal Me In, and I want to mention a few stories I didn’t blog about during the year.

2.  I want to say a few things about a handful of full-length books I read but didn’t review this year.  I may not get to this, due to schedule.

3.  I have finished reading my latest Classics Spin title (Steppenwolf) and would like to get a review written to post on January 2, “reporting day”.

4.  I am nearly finished with my tentative to-read pool for the coming year.  This is just intended as a list for my convenience, not as something set in stone.  I am planning to select the majority of my titles from my home shelves plus the ton of public domain ebooks on my Kindle.  I have 30 titles listed so far, and as I generally read about 60, this leaves a healthy amount of leeway for library loans of new releases and books that pop onto my radar by surprise.

5.  Jay at Bibliophilopolis has announced that the 2015 sign-up post for Deal Me In will be open soon, so I’d better start getting my story list together if I want to play!

6.  I want to get my sign-up post up for the next Bout of Books read-a-thon that’s coming January 5.  Sign-ups for the week-long event are currently open, and I know I will be glad for the kickstart to my reading for the year.

7.  My first books of the new year will be a handful of science fiction quickies and classic novellas and something Japanese, as I recently realized that there’s only 6 weeks to go in this round of the Japanese Literature Challenge, and I haven’t posted anything for it yet.  The upcoming Bout of Books will see me devouring these (list to come in my read-a-thon sign-up post) in short order.

Here’s to a more relaxed attitude (and lots of great books) in 2015!


3 thoughts on “Thoughts on 2014 and Looking Forward to 2015

  1. Great list. I’ll be joining Deal Me In this year too. And thank’s for reminding me about Bout of Books — I had no idea there was one so soon!

  2. I am prone to over-commit as well, that’s why I have chosen only the TBR Pile challenge and the Back to the Classics challenge for which I don’t have to pick books ahead of time. And I definitely see that an active blogging period is cutting into my reading, so I sometimes find it hard to balance that as well. I am curious to read what you have to say about Steppenwolf…


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