The Classics Club: Spin Number Announced

Click to learn about the Classics Club challenge.The lucky number for the Classics Club Spin #7 has been announced:




I’ll be reading Two Serious Ladies by Jane Bowles, which was published in 1943.  I’m really excited for this one, as I find the dynamic between the unusual Bowles and her husband, equally-eccentric yet more well-known author Paul Bowles, most interesting.  I’m also happy to add another title to my stack for #readwomen2014.


Per Goodreads:Two Serious Ladies

“Eccentric, adventurous Christina Goering meets the anxious but equally enterprising Mrs. Copperfield at a party.

Two serious ladies who want to live outside of themselves, they go in search of salvation: Mrs. Copperfield visits Panama with her husband, where she finds solace among the women who live and work in its brothels; while Miss Goering becomes involved with various men. At the end the two women meet again, each changed by her experience.” 

Are you taking part in this edition of the Spin?  What book will you be reading?


4 thoughts on “The Classics Club: Spin Number Announced

  1. Have not heard of this one at all sorry. I got a non fiction book for my spin, Silent Spring, which is about the environmental impact of pesticides. It sounds unappealing I know but it’s written in a very literary style.


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