Back from Hiatus

Well, July was…interesting.  I ended up taking a completely unplanned hiatus from the blog.  My best friend landed in the hospital for two sudden surgeries and a cancer scare.  Everything turned out ok and cancer-free, but there’s a long road to recovery ahead.  Between this life upset and a twice-recurring stomach bug, I haven’t been able to find the mental and emotional energy to write.  I have, however, been reading as much as I can.  So:

In the next couple of days, I intend to have an update post on the books I’ve been reading for the 20 Days of Summer event. I’ll have a mini-review of each and will update my sticky post accordingly.  I also finished my Classics Club Spin book in the allotted time but didn’t have a chance to review it before the stuff hit the fan, so I’ll have some thoughts on that, as well. Lastly, I’ve missed posting about several weekly stories for the Deal Me In Challenge, although I have been reading my story each week.  I hope to have an actual review (Gasp!) of this week’s story up tomorrow morning.

That’s about the state of things for now.  At present, I’m reading Chico Buarque’s Budapest and An Imaginary Life by David Malouf.  Both are satisfying and intriguing so far.

I hope everyone is healthy, happy and reading up a storm!


5 thoughts on “Back from Hiatus

  1. Good to see you back, Candiss. I’m sorry to hear about your best friend’s health troubles. I hope that even if the road is long the recovery will be complete. 🙂

  2. Great to see you back! Nobody knows hiatus’ more than me, so I completely understand. Best of luck to both you and your friend in the health department, and it’s great to hear that everything is on the upswing.


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