Upcoming Posts & a Note for the Deal Me In Challenge

This is just a brief note to followers of this blog and/or the Deal Me In challenge that I (yet again) have three weeks’ worth of stories to post about, but I won’t be around today to get my write-ups posted.  I may have them up by tonight, or possibly tomorrow if things go all sideways, but I will not likely meet the unofficial deadline this afternoon.

Regarding the blog in general:  After finishing the two recent read-a-thons in which I participated, I have a whole slew of books finished that I want to talk about.  I won’t be posting a full review of each of them, as some just don’t speak to me that way, while others are fading from my mind too quickly, but I intend to do a couple of round-up mini-review posts in the next several days.  I will probably have one such post for books that are on my Classics Club list and another for other titles.   I also have a couple of in-depth reviews in the works.

I haven’t yet managed to find a good balance between reading and blogging.  I seem to go through cycles where I read a ton but don’t write much…then I read very little for a while and really feel the itch to blog but don’t have much to blog about, due to not reading much.  I’m still trying to figure out how to achieve a good system for me that fits with the specifics of my non-reading life.  Challenges are definitely helping, but read-a-thons – as much as I love them – seem to actually be detrimental in some ways.  Ah, well… I’ll just keep working at it until I find what feels most natural to me.

Happy weekend reading!


2 thoughts on “Upcoming Posts & a Note for the Deal Me In Challenge

  1. Hi Candiss,
    No worries about Deal Me In. And actually, the (un)official rules of the challenge don’t say participants have to blog about all 52, just read them. This is the first year that I’ve been blogging about ALL of mine. 🙂

  2. I know just what you mean about trying to find the balance between reading and blogging. I find that blogging helps me to read attentively, but sometimes it becomes a chore. Then I put it off, and feel a bit guilty, especially as I’m in several challenges which require a blog post on each book, and I want to stay in the challenge. So I write a miserable excuse of a blog post… ah well, it’s all for our own enjoyment at the end of the day, isn’t it!


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