Dewey’s 24-hour Read-a-Thon: Check-in post #2

Deweys 24hr RATSince my last update, I’ve had lunch and a nap, as well as several interruptions.  Oh, well!  I also completed one book and have made dents in two others…and I’m definitely having fun!


  • Minutes read since last update:  183 minutes  (I start and stop a timer while reading, adding up only the minutes I’m actually reading, not the number of hours since I started the read-a-thon.)
  • Pages read since last update:  240 pages 
  • Books in progress:  Quesadillas (73 pages) & Embers (31 pages)
  • Books finished during this update:  1  – A Country Year (135 pages since last update)


  • Total minutes spent reading during Read-a-thon:  268 minutes (4 hours 28 minutes)
  • Total pages read during Read-a-thon:  325 pages
  • Total books finished during Read-a-thon:  1



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