Friday Finds (June 21, 2013)

Friday Finds is hosted weekly by Should Be Reading.  This is the place to list the books we’ve learned about this week – online, at the library or bookstore, via word-of-mouth, etc. – and added to our to-be-read lists.

Here are my finds of the week:


ColorMaster  The Color Master:  Stories, by Aimee Bender (2013) (author of:  The Girl in the Flammable Skirt, The Particular Sadness of Layer Cake, etc.)







WAACBO  We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves, by Karen Joy Fowler (2013) (author of:  Sarah Canary, The Jane Austen Book Club, etc.)







TheThicket  The Thicket, by Joe R. Lansdale (2013) (author of: The Bottoms, Edge of Dark Water, etc.)







FifthBusiness  Fifth Business, by Robertson Davids (orig. 1970) (author of many books, including the rest of the Deptford Trilogy)







MJtL  My Journey to Lhasa, by Alexandra David-Néel (nonfiction, orig. 1927) (travelogue of the first Western woman to enter Tibet’s “Forbidden City”)







TTT  Three Times Table, by Sara Maitland (orig. 1990)  (author of several collections of short fiction, autobiography A Book of Silence)







GlassOcean  The Glass Ocean, by Lori Baker (2013)  (author of Crash and Tell: Stories, Crazy Water: Six Fictions)








What new-to-you books did you discover this week?


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