A Quick Update

This is just a short note to say that I have been down for the count the past week and a half with some sort of allergic reaction (we think.)  I have an auto-immune condition, which predisposes me to reacting in all sorts of creative ways to pretty much anything and everything, but this particular manifestation has been especially “fun,” with not only my customary fever and swollen joints and fatigue but also some sort of enchanting and highly decorative rash all over my limbs.  I’ve cut out all foods that are general histamine-enhancers – a general precaution that really helps lessen itching – and am thus on a limited and dull diet even compared to my usual limited diet, scoured the house, etc., in case I’m reacting to something specific in my environment, but chances are good that I’m just reacting to pixie dust, cosmic rays or some other nebulous “something,” as we auto-immune folks are wont to do…you know – just to be contrary.  😛

I’ll have an update in a day or two, now that my fever has broken and I’m less cranky and itchy.  I did finish my Barbara Pym Week read, Quartet in Autumn, during the time of that event and will have some thoughts soon.  I’m in the middle of several books right now, and as soon as I wrap one of those up I’ll have a review up for it, too.

Off to read…


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