The Classics Club: Classics Spin Selection


The Classics Club recently posted that Monday morning, May 20, we would see the announcement of our selection number for the second installment of The Classics Spin, and as promised, they’ve just posted the much-anticipated Spin Number:  #6.

In my case, this means I’ll be reading Julien Gracq’s The Opposing Shore, which I’m terrifically excited to read.  Originally published in France in 1951 as Le rivage des Syrtes, this work is considered a prime example of elegant and subtle surrealism as metaphor and social commentary.  Wikipedia says of The Opposing Shore:  “A novel of waiting, it is set in an old fortress close to a sea which defines the ancestral border between the stagnant principality of Orsenna and the territory of its archenemy, the mysterious Farghestan. Its lonely characters are caught in a no man’s land, waiting for something to happen and wondering whether something should be done to bring about change, particularly when change may mean the death of civilisations.”

This title is included on both the 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die list and Le Monde’s 100 Books of the Century and garnered the author the coveted Prix Goncourt, which he declined.  It is not always an easy book to find, and copies can be rather expensive, but my local library surprised me by having a copy deep in their stacks.  I need to finish the book by July 1st, I can hardly wait to get started!  


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