2013 Reading Challenges

This year, I’m taking part in two awesome web-based reading challenges (in addition to the usual array of great challenges and games to be found at Goodreads.)  The first is a themed challenge hosted by the wonderful folks at Worlds Without End.  This year’s WWE challenge is Women of Genre Fiction, which is aimed at introducing readers to – and encouraging them to write about – female authors of speculative fiction whom they have never read before.  Details and my tentative book list can be found here

The second – and much longer-termed – challenge I am undertaking is hosted by the Classics Club and will begin on April 1, 2013, running through March 31, 2018.  This 5-year challenge will see me reading 50+ classic books (I’m going for 75.) and writing about each.  More information and my list of titles are to be found here.

As both of these challenges fit perfectly with my goal of reviewing/writing about more of the books I read, I expect to both discover many fantastic authors and books and to find ample inspiration to share my impressions here. Please check back soon for updates!


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